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Linnea Lenkus began her career in front of the camera nearly 30 years ago as a fashion model in Los Angeles and Europe where she posed for such magazines as Elle, Freundin and Vogue.  Finding her modeling career unfulfilling, she returned to school to major in psychology and study the beauty of the psyche.  Lenkus sought to use this knowledge to capture the art and magnificence of the human mind and body through her lifelong passion--photography.

Linnea began her professional photography career with commercial work in 1990 photographing ads, celebrity portraits, and lifestyle images for many printed publications.  In 1998, she decided to focus her creativity and vision toward the fine art of portrait photography.  She began photographing nudes as a way to explore light and form, inspired by such photographic masters as Ruth Bernhard and Richard Avedon.  Her form studies soon expanded to celebrating the beauty of the pregnant body and the frailty of a newborn baby.  She mastered a now widely-emulated technique and lighting style that enabled her to capture the insightful and emotional moments of her subjects and literally turn them into works of art. 

Since then, she has found herself in high demand as one of the top portrait photographers in Los Angeles and Orange County.  Lenkus' Pasadena portrait studio, her first, was such a success that she opened a second in Long Beach in 2004, and a third in Irvine in 2007.  Over the last three decades, Lenkus has photographed thousands of families, expectant mothers, babies, toddlers, dogs, celebrities, and boudoir.  She has been profiled on NBC's "Life Moments", The Learning Channels "A Baby Story," and has been featured on CBS's "The Doctors", Women Entertainment Television's (WE-TV) "Platinum Babies" and she was mentioned by Sterling K Brown in the "Los Angeles Times"and was featured in a full-page ad for Bank of America small business owners campaign.  She has been asked to appear on three reality TV shows, but she declined.

Between her thriving career and beautiful family, consisting of her loving husband, Chris Robinson, son Dexter Robinson, and twins Ava Robinson and Maxwell Robinson, Lenkus has still managed to find time to create personal artwork and non-profit fundraising portrait projects. 

In 2008, Linnea photographed nine military families for the exhibit "Images from the Homefront".  The project's mission was to gain awareness and help raise funds for the organization Operation Homefront--a non-profit organization that provides emergency assistance and morale-boosting programs for family members of our military, especially those who have a family member deployed overseas. 

In 2009, Linnea began working with The Steel Magnolias and The Stramski Center of Miller Children's Hospital to create the amazing body of work entitled "Healing".  The exhibition is comprised of the portraits of their young patients and families.  Specifically, seventeen families were invited into Linnea's Long Beach studio over the course of six months.  Since its initial unveiling in October 2009, "Healing" has been displayed in a variety of venues, featured on ABC News, and continues to raise awareness for these disabilities.  Linnea has also self-published a book of the portraits with profits going directly to The Stramski Center. 

An authentic and dynamic woman, Linnea wears many hats.  She is a dedicated wife and mother, an astute business woman, a gifted artist, a webmaster, social media consultant, and a consummate photographer. And all of these aspects of her character can be seen in the way she sees and photographs her subjects.  Her work captures a fleeting moment, whether the subject is a flower or newborn baby, and transforms the subject into a work of art.  Lenkus' sentiment is that "life goes too quickly and you have to grab these moments in time….when the light is right and before the fragile bloom is gone"-- a philosophy that she applies not only to her art, but her lifestyle as well.

Lenkus has been a  member of the following professional organizations:  Professional Photographers of America, International Registry of Children's Photographers, Professional Photographers of California, Professional Photographers for Los Angeles County, Women in Photography of California, Getty Images and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. as well as vice-president of American Society of Media Photographers Seattle.

Linnea is also the owner and curator of Linus Art Galleries which gathers fine art from around the world for art collectors presented online and soon to be a Long Beach, CA art gallery.

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